Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

The body for compliance consultants who advise firms regulated in the UK.

The APCC is active in enhancing the professional standards of compliance consultants and is recognised as a trade body by the FCA and other regulators. This provides our members with significant benefits in terms of direct access to the Regulators as well as business leads.  The APCC often works in conjunction with the FCA to pilot or test new initiatives, and we also provide with valuable feedback on specific subjects as requested by them.

Why You Should Install GB Whatsapp On Your Android Device?

The GB Whatsapp for android is a clone of the original WhatsApp, but with many changes made in it and added features. It operates like your ordinary cellphone version of Whatsapp but for the reason that of various modifications it's not accessible on the Google Play app and has to download it from its official site in the form of an APK file only. With this latest creation of Google, the latest social network application has come up as one of the most talked-about and most sought-after applications of android devices.

GB Whatsapp

Install GB Whatsapp

You can also download this simple to use GB Whatsapp app to access your g-mail account from anywhere. If you are on the go and need to check your g-mail account, you won't have to use your phone. Just install GB Whatsapp on your smartphone and access your g-mail in your browser. You can then click on any message and read it as you would on your computer.

The Latest Version Of GB Whatsapp - The New Modifications

The new version of GB Whatsapp comes with various modifications and new functions that have helped the users in a lot of ways. If you are thinking of using this app, then you would be glad to know that even though it does not come along with Google integration, it comes with its version. With this feature, you can easily use GB Whatsapp for android as a private and hidden messenger for your secret matters. Moreover, you can also hide your Gmail account from others so that they don't have access to your emails. This way you can also avoid your android friends from snooping into your private and personal life.

Another great thing with this messaging app is that you can send videos to others via this application and you will also be able to send files from your computer or laptop as well. You can even use this video calling function from your GB Whatsapp. This video calling function gives you the ability to show someone your desktop or notebook screen and it appears as if you are hanging out with them. This can be done even when you are not connected to the internet and just using your GB Whatsapp as a messaging app. It's an easy way to share your desktop or notebook screen with anyone on your friend list through this video calling feature.

Choose GB Whatsapp To Socialize

Since the GB Whatsapp comes with all these neat features, many people are using it and enjoying all the amazing benefits that it provides. To start with, you can use this simple to use multi-window mobile application to access your email on the go. This means that you don't have to get out of your desk while you are working on an important email. You can easily check your emails as you go on your daily commute. Moreover, the blue ticks on the android app make it easier for people to identify your messages.

Most people will not like to have their private information exposed over the internet. But if you need to send private information over the internet, you should consider installing GB Whatsapp on your android device. It will allow you to conveniently hide GB Whatsapp widgets from other users. Even if they do not have the feature activated, you can still use GB Whatsapp to hide it from them.

Last Seen Feature In GB Whatsapp

The last seen feature is a crucial security feature. You can easily hide online status updates on your smartphone. However, some users are still unaware that this anti-revoke feature exists in your smartphone. But when you activate the auto-installation feature of this application, it will silently begin to install Google's latest version of Gmail on your phone. From there, you can choose which app to install and enable the anti-revoke feature. 

With this new feature, you will finally be able to stop others from seeing your social media updates, text messages, emails, photos, and event calendar.