Temporary Working Group GH


  • To provide members with events and insight in regards to relevant regulatory issues;
  • To coordinate feedback to relevant CPs;
  • To provide a forum for leading policy consultants to discuss changes and their impact;
  • To generally promote the role of consultants in this field; and
  • To engage with the FCA and other relevant regulators on issues of interest to institutional business


The activities during 2013 have been dominated by the implementation of the AIFMD. The institutional sub committee has held two meetings with members of the FCA AIFMD team with representatives from Authorisations, Policy, General Counsel and the Alternative Investment Team. The discussions centred around the practical implementation of the AIFMD and particularly the Authorisation process. Feedback from these meetings and specific FCA answers to members’ questions have been provided to members. The committee has also undertaken AIFM application submission surveys on behalf of the FCA to enable it manage its resource more effectively.

APCC Institutional Sub Committee

If you would like to take part in the discussion and would like to be a member of the Institutional working group, please email Gabby (gabby.holloway@apcc.org.uk) at Membership Services.

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