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RPost® is the award-winning global leader in secure and certified digital transactions. With our three main platforms, RMail®, RSign® and RDocs™, we are the perfect complement to our customers’ technology stack when it comes to transacting in the digital world in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner.

RMail® – Email Security Solution

Track, prove, e-sign, encrypt, share, certify, digitize, control, pre-empt – all-in-one
Looking for an all-in-one service experience? RMail® offers the most secure and certified email security capabilities for privacy and compliance and eSignatures for easy digitization of workflows, e-delivery tracking, and managed file transfer to simplify secure sharing of large files. Its AI-infused apps minimize human errors to help you prevent data leaks while document-level digital rights management ensures you have document control even after transmission.

With RMail®, APCC members get:

  • Dynamic Encryption: Far beyond opportunistic TLS, RMail intelligently delivers email messages and attachments encrypted to the recipient’s inbox with no need for the recipient to register, click links or install any software. The sender is then returned a Registered Encryption™ receipt for auditable proof-of-fact of encryption and compliance with data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Registered Email™ certified e-delivery tracking and proofprovides email open/delivery tracking and evidence, with timestamped proof of original content legally delivered. It returns a court-accepted timestamped Registered Receipt™ email without requiring any recipient action.
  • Email Eavesdropping™ Detection is built on RPost® proprietary Active Tracker™ technology, which utilizes advanced AI algorithms and real-time internet data analysis to monitor and detect unusual and/or potentially hazardous activities involving outbound email. If such activity is detected with an email after delivery and onward, RMail® instantly generates an Email Eavesdropping™ alert, including robust forensic details such as activity timestamp, IP address, geolocation, network provider, detection of VPN anonymizer, unusual device language and operating system, device type, and more. Admins can configure what constitutes high, medium and low risk to their normal business operations, and adjust the sensitivity throttle of the alerts.
  • Secure Large File Share— senders can easily attach and track up to 1GB of files from Outlook or the RMail Web app through the secure file share Senders can securely send files to any recipient with encryption and configurable self-purging options (from 1 to 90 days) in a one-time online storage box that eliminates the risk of recipients being able to see the sender’s cloud storage file structure.
  • E-Sign is the simplest, most affordable, web-based electronic signature feature within RMail, which makes it easy for senders to send documents for e-signing directly from their email inbox using any desktop or mobile web browser.
  • Disappearing Ink™and ViewProof™ — senders can tag certain parts of an email message to disappear from within the email after delivery after a designated amount of time since sending, number of views, or time per view. Senders can receive verifiable proof that the recipient has viewed selected tagged parts of an email.
  • Redact Reply™– senders can redact particularly sensitive text in a sent message such that if the recipient replies, that sensitive text is automatically removed from the reply email thread.
  • SideNote® service makes it easy to append a private “sticky note” to a copied or blind copied recipient, so they have context as to why they were copied. With Disappearing Ink™ enabled, that note can be set for one-time-view and to disappear from the recipient inbox after.
  • RMail Recommends™ AI-infused data leak protection, which automatically trains senders on which messages should be treated with special care, and have special RMail features applied, in-the-moment of sending. Dynamically adapts to prevent data leaks and automate email encryption.
  • Right Recipient™ mis-addressing and email impostor human error prevention: AI infused service that, in the moment of sending, and if a message is detected to contain sensitive content, automatically reviews the recipient addresses before transmission, determines if the sender should be prompted to verify whether they really want to send sensitive information to the particular recipients, alerts the sender if they are sending to what could be a fake domain or newly created domain used by an impostor, and then if approved for sending, applies the appropriate level of encryption to the message enroute.
  • Anti-Whaling™ email impostor protection– Anti-Whaling technology prevents targeted ‘spear-phishing’ and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and alerts the recipient at the moment of reading or attempting to reply or forward.
  • RMail Wire Fraud Protection™is a specialized service to assure the right message is sent to the right recipient, with options to apply message-level encryption automatically if the message is related to bill payments, invoices, or wire transfers.


RSign® complete and robust award-winning eSign & eForms solution by RPost®, recognized as a worldwide leader by IDC. RSign® ensures convenience, compliance, and security for your transactions, allowing users to have more time to do what they do best. With RSign®, you can simply drag, drop and send.

Standardize enterprise eSign workflows with shareable Templates and Rules. Use RForms™ powerful e-forms for on-demand data capture and signoff, allow signers to add attachments, automatic chasing and even send multiple individual eSign requests at once with Bulk Send.

Empowers senders and admins with the flexibility to send eSign notifications and access codes independently via email, SMS, or any combination of both. Accelerate your business processes, and significantly reduce your eSignature costs.


RDocs™ – Rights Protected Documents™ is the most innovative solution for secure sharing. RDocs™ allows you to share a Rights Protected Document (RPD) while keeping complete ownership and control after the share.

It is like having a remote control for your shared documents, monitor reader activity, ban readers individually or kill the content remotely after sending. RDocs™ offers three distinct levels of access control for document security, catering to multiple use cases and converts documents to Smart Documents without altering the reader’s experience. Allowing senders and admins to monitor who is reading what, when, where, how often, and more. Senders can embed robust access restrictions directly into the file, restricting access by geographical or internet location, allowing or restricting forwarding, and more.


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