ESG Accord Accord Initiative

The Accord Initiative (brought to you by ESG Accord) is a suite of compliance, education, CPD and Regulatory analysis services, all delivered via a free to access website.


The site incorporates everything financial advisers need to build the full spectrum of capital into their advice process and has been designed to give advisers the confidence to deliver enhanced client outcomes.


The underlying theme is increasing knowledge of ESG and Sustainability (as part of the full spectrum of capital) amongst financial advisers, compliance consultants and paraplanners, enabling them to give compliant advice in a way that delivers good client outcomes whilst meeting Consumer Duty, PROD, COBS and the Sustainable Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels.


Our work has been recognised and shared on an ongoing basis with the FCA, we are part of DLAG (Disclosure and Labels Advisory Group) to inform the incoming Sustainability Disclosure Regulations.

11 Alverton Crescent

T: 07894983040
Services Offered
  • Compliance Training
  • Training
  • Free to access full spectrum of capital compliance and suitability framework (including ESG & Sustainability) to support advice firms, compliance firms and paraplanners achieve suitable outcomes for clients.
Firms Served
  • APCC Member Firms
  • Retail firms