Our product F&P360 is a full scope ATS, recruitment, people management and LMS solution that embeds SMCR through its processes and people records, supporting the senior management of regulated firms to be in compliance of SMCR.

Anthony Epstein formally launched an HR and SMCR platform F&P360, that is built on the Salesforce platform. This integrates SMCR reasonable steps into the hiring, people management and training lifecycle processes that incorporates the expectations of the FCA SMCR regulations.

F&P360, is the only Senior Manager Certification Regime platform built on Salesforce that provides the processes, controls and records required all in one place to support your compliance with these regulations, so you can focus on the business of your business.

Anthony qualified as an ACCA in 1989, and moved into risk and compliance in 1990. Anthony has worked in and with niche private banks and global investment (funds) management firms both in the U.K and Europe, providing them with business orientated risk and compliance solutions. Anthony’s positions as a contractor have included CF10, CF11 & CF10a and has extensive experience advising senior management boards with the information they require to successfully meet their regulatory obligations, as well as team management and supporting firms through situations where the organisation had identified regulatory issues requiring remediation and resolution.

For more information on the F&P360 platform, and to view an introductory video, please click here.

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Services Offered
  • Compliance Training
  • HR Services
  • IT Platform/Providers
  • IT Software relating to SMCR
  • IT Software relating to HR services
  • SaaS platform offering talent management, people management and training with SMCR regulations and standards integrated
  • GRC Consulting
  • Conduct Consulting
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking)
Firms Served
  • Core SMCR Financial Service Firms
  • Financial Service Firms
  • Insurance brokers and insurers
  • Retail firms
  • Wholesale Firms