Ansarada is a cloud-based operating system that redefines excellence in information governance from managing deals, corporate transactions, risk and compliance to board management, ESG and procurement.

Helping consultants run compliance like clockwork.

Stay focused on the outcome from the outset. We’re your GRC technology partner, here to give you the competitive edge.

More business. Less busy-ness.

Bring order to end-to-end compliance processes with the most advanced SaaS platform for advisors and consultants.

We’ve delivered over 35,000+ successful outcomes to thousands of companies around the world, from start-ups to Google, to the world’s top banks and governments.

34- 37 Liverpool Street

T: 020830581060
Services Offered
  • IT Platform/Providers
  • SaaS platform offering talent management, people management and training with SMCR regulations and standards integrated
  • Training
  • Board Management
  • ESG Framework
  • GRC
  • SMCR
Firms Served
  • APCC Member Firms
  • Banks and deposit takers
  • Financial Service Firms
  • Insurance brokers and insurers
  • Insurance companies
  • Payment Institutions
  • Retail firms