Firms to register for the FCA’s new data collection platform

Please see below an update from the FCA.

I wanted to e-mail you to advise of an announcement today on our website regarding our data collection systems.

As you may remember from one of our past announcements, we will be moving to a new data collection platform which will replace Gabriel.

To prepare for the move, from 2 April we will be asking all Gabriel users to complete a mandatory one-time registration activity next time they log in to Gabriel.

This simple step will set them up for the new platform so that they will be ready to move when the time comes. After they’ve completed this short registration activity in Gabriel, all users should continue to report via Gabriel using their existing Gabriel login details until we move them to the new platform.

We will email users a moving date to the new data collection platform in good time, so it is important all contact details on Gabriel are up to date.

Finally, we understand this is a difficult time for firms dealing with the impact of coronavirus (covid-19) but given that the registration process is a simple but key step as we prepare to move to our new data collection platform, we are moving forward as planned.

If you have any questions on the registration process don’t hesitate to ask – the announcement includes some new web pages with instructions, a user guide document and an explainer video that you can find here.