Changes to Authorisation Forms at the Financial Conduct Authority – Form A

The APCC have received the following from the FCA .


We are pleased to announce that the FCA will be launching a new and improved Form A for public testing later this year. We wanted to inform you about these changes ahead of the announcement in the next Regulatory Round Up email.

We’re reviewing and updating Authorisations application forms accessed via Connect to make it quicker and easier for firms to apply or notify the FCA for regulatory transactions and help us capture the information we need.

The first new form we are launching is Form A, one of our most frequently used forms. This form is used for Senior Management Functions and Controlled Functions applications. Ahead of the launch, we will be giving firms and trade associations an opportunity to see the new form in action and ask any questions – more information on this will follow.


More information on the changes to Form A can be found on our webpage. Further updates will also be shared as part of the Regulatory Round Up emails.