Celebrating National Careers Week 6th– 11th March

The APCC encourages new talent many of our Members promote Training and offer acreditations and qualifications  to enhance your career in Compliance ,Wealth Management,  Law Banking,  Accountancy within the Financial Service Industry,

Strategic Partners

Pearson  offer T Levels 16-18 year olds

E: tlevelsemployers@pearson.com
W: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/t-levels/t-levels-for-employers.html


NextGen Planners

Our vision is to empower the financial planning community to turbo-charge world class, inclusive, innovative and collaborative people and businesses 🚀

We do this by unearthing and untangling the biggest challenges in financial planning that prevent people and businesses from being world class.

E: contact@nextgenplanners.co.uk
W: https://www.nextgenplanners.co.uk/


Standards International

Standards International is the powerhouse behind professionalism and operational excellence in financial services and beyond.

As the leading dedicated certification body in the UK for BS 8577BS 8453ISO 45003ISO 22458ISO 22222The Paraplanner Standard™and Financial Abuse Specialist™ certification, we are pioneering best practice among personal financial planners in the UK and overseas.

T: 01462790894
E: hello@standardsinternational.co.uk
W: https://standardsinternational.co.uk/