Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

The body for compliance consultants who advise firms regulated in the UK.

The APCC is active in enhancing the professional standards of compliance consultants and is recognised as a trade body by the FCA and other regulators. This provides our members with significant benefits in terms of direct access to the Regulators as well as business leads.  The APCC often works in conjunction with the FCA to pilot or test new initiatives, and we also provide with valuable feedback on specific subjects as requested by them.

B-Compliant Limited

Compliance – tough to navigate, all-too-easy to breach, always time-consuming. As for your firm, you give exceptional advice to your clients. You’d like to do more of it, actually. So, what would you like to hear from us?

“Let us tell you what you need to do”


“This is what’s needed. Agreed? Then we’ll get to work”.

Over the last 10 years Vicky Pearce and Jeremy Smith have filled mission-critical roles in compliance functions of advisory firms. And over the course of this time, it became apparent that there wasn’t merely a gap in the market, but a vast chasm where ‘doing’ compliance support firms should have been. In short, there was an all-too-common consultant mentality to instruct, rather than act.

While we’ll happily provide purely advice and guidance, we’re most in our element when actioning our plans (you could say we’re doers, more than talkers). It’s what makes us different. That, and the fact that we can be there for you on an as and when basis (think of us as compliance experts, on-tap).

Our mission? It’s simple – provide excellent (and cost effective) compliance support to regulated firms the length and breadth of the country.

We’ll get to know you, your business and develop a close working relationship. We’ll design a support package tailored to your business. So, you know that your compliance needs are met (whether that be updating your basic policies, or meticulously reviewing procedures prior to a merger). While you just get on with what you do best.

M33 3SH
T: 01619790726
Services Offered
  • Authorisation -FCA
  • Complaints Handling Reviews
  • Compliance advice
  • Compliance Support
  • File Review
  • Health Checks
  • Money Laundering/Financial Crime Advice and Reviews
  • Regulatory Updates
Firms Served
  • Collective Investments Funds
  • Consumer Credit Providers
  • Insurance Brokers - General
  • Insurance Brokers - Pure Protection Products
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Mortgage Lenders/Administrators
  • Retail investment management
  • SIPP providers
  • Trade associations, professional bodies and regulators