APCC Affiliate LexisNexis releases whitepaper that may be of interest to APCC Members

Our affiliate LexisNexis have released a couple of whitepapers that may be of interest to our members, please see below for some more information.

5AMLD Whitepaper: 

With 6 months to go until member states and obliged organisations need to comply with 5AMLD, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with the regulation’s requirements and ensure you have the correct processes in place. If you’re not already up to speed with this latest directive, and what it means for your business then download LexisNexis’ free whitepaper for more information and advice.

Strengthening anti-bribery management systems with ISO 37001:

Download our whitepaper looking at adoption trends since ISO 37001 was introduced in 2016. Get your copy to read about:

  • Companies that have already certified their anti-bribery management systems
  • Countries that are using the standard for their own institutions and the organisations they do business with
  • Expert predictions for the future of ISO 37001 adoption